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What makes The Virtues Project™ unique?

Throughout history, many people and teachers have told us to be virtuous, but few tell us HOW to do it.

The Virtues Project™ gives us 5 practical strategies for practicing the virtues in everyday life.

How can we fit this into our school when we already have too much on our plate?

The Virtues Project™ is not an add-on program. Many educators say it makes their job easier, because it provides tools for classroom management, helps resolves discipline issues peacefully and fairly, improves communication among students, staff and parents, and brings out the best in students and teachers. It is easily implemented and compliments other programs in the school community.

Is this a program just for kids?

No, it's for people of all ages. How do we teach kids to be good-to be honest, respectful, caring, and loving?

The best way is to model virtuous behaviour. As adults, there is always room to grow in our own virtues, such as patience, courage, creativity, peacefulness. It is a lifelong process.

How will The Virtues Project™ help me and my family in everyday life?

By learning new ways to communicate positively, respectfully, and effectively, we create an environment of mutual respect and clarity. Learning 5 practical strategies also help us set clear boundaries to create safety, structure and relevant consequences, listen to our children and family members without judgment to help them find their own clarity, and to honor the spirit of everyone in the family.

With a name like Virtues, is this a religious program?

Virtues are core qualities that every person is born with, in potential. All cultures value virtues, such as respect, kindness, honesty, love, patience and reliability. Virtues may be practiced differently in different cultures. The Virtues Project™ derives inspiration from the world's wisdom traditions, including sacred texts of all major religions, and oral traditions of indigenous people. Virtues are honored by all people whether they are religious or not; there is no religious agenda.

How can I get a Virtues Project™ program at my school or community organization?



How are Virtues Project™ programs funded?

Funding may be obtained from grants, schools and corporate budgets, Parent's Teachers Associations, private funding, etc.

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