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Universal Virtues is an educational consulting and training organization based in Singapore. Utilizing strategies and materials from The Virtues Project™, Universal Virtues inspires the practice of virtues in character education in schools, in families, individuals, organizations, business, and communities.


We design training to solve problems, whether that is creating kinder, more caring and peaceful environments in schools, helping families speak and act positively, effectively, and respectfully to each other, or helping organizations reduce bullying, increase productivity, creativity, and excellence with integrity. 



Universal Virtues empowers people with five transformational strategies and 52 virtues from the internationally acclaimed Virtues Project™.


We help resolve problems such as lack of integrity and respect, disunity, bullying, discipline and power struggles, while encouraging people to achieve their potential. Our physical workshops, online courses, and webinars are interactive, authentic and personally enriching.


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Commitment to Service. We give the best possible service in everything we do. Service is giving to others and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Integrity. We tell the truth and deal with others honestly and with tact. We "walk our talk". Unity. People of all ages, cultures, races, and faith traditions are people of virtues.

Our goal is to include all people and create unity. Excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Excellence is practiced by preparation, consultation, and follow-through. Respect. We treat everyone with respect. We communicate clearly, say what we will do and do it!

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